my name is andrey

Well, for several years now, WordPress has been my daily routine and - I like what I do.

Several specialists will work on your website, but since I will be responsible for what I have done, I will introduce myself.

My great team - Me and Alter ego


I drew well, at least my parents told me. I passed the entrance exams and here - after 4 years I was already an artist - a master. Whatever that means -😊


After a few years, I realized that there was a lack of "student life" and I entered the Faculty of Foreign Languages of the University of Latvia.


However, I have never worked professionally in the specialty - neither as an artist nor as a foreign language teacher. But no - I was a primary school teacher for 1 year.


I became interested in advertising - I worked in various advertising agencies for almost 10 years, both leading creative teams and attracting new clients.


But somehow it was missing. Maybe international work experience? I tried, everything seems to be fine, but if 40% time is spent writing reports - it's a hassle.


I started my own business. In October 2008, during the deepest crisis. I wouldn't do it a second time, but I succeeded then.


It may already be prestigious to own your own business, but it is tiring. It is tiring, because you are responsible for everything, but not everything can be influenced.


But everything has a beginning and an end. There was someone who wanted to continue and I became free.


I am financially independent - it is nice because it allows me to feel free and speak freely. Including WordPress.


And with the hardening of the direct sales company -😊


And I had more free time than ever before. When we're at work, we dream about it, when we have it - we don't really know what to do with it.


The girlfriend mentioned that her blog should be restored. And I had a lot of free time. I decided to try it myself.


I created the first page for almost a year. I wanted it to be perfect. I had never learned so much before.


I'm now creating WordPress pages that open in mobile in less than 2 seconds. I like challenges.


And I have a tendency to question authority. If I do not find a satisfactory answer to the question "why?" - I'm looking for an answer. Sometimes too hard.


And, yes, I was once a salesman and an advertiser. How many similarities there are in the world of WordPress - I mean different myths and half-truths.


And I have the opportunity to test it all, to test and separate the ad from the truth.

I like WordPress.


I was forced (myself wanted to) to learn Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. Now I can process pictures and make banners!


I like watching cartoons. Along with the youngest daughter, whose parents' attention is unfortunately less and less needed.


I like adventure movies, including criminals and boyfriends. When someone has a desire to watch melodramas - well those in a series of hundreds - I am a monk.


Music? Sometimes I feel too old - I listen to the radio, but I don't follow trends.


I like to work with my hands. I like to see the result of my nature's work.


I have renovated 3 apartments. Long. I wanted to be perfect, because I will live there myself and, if that is not perfect, I will see it every day.


I have found a beloved woman. That is wonderful!

Why I didn't meet him before…


Less is more - this has been my motto for at least twenty years. Easier, more concise, more understandable!


I have been involved in 3 car accidents. I was once to blame - carelessness.


Good wine, in pleasant company - very happy. Vodka - fui!


Covid - 19? Not particularly affected, but sometimes it drows blood stupidity. There are also advantages - people learned to stand in line "keeping their distance".


Too many serious faces on the streets - do you work to live or do you live to work?


My favorite question - Why? The answer, if true, usually explains everything and the rest of the questions fall apart.


Not interested in gambling, but sometimes I play cards. With friends.


I try not to comment on other people's thoughts on SEO, because although the articles written by my clients are usually in the TOP 10 of Google search results - I don't consider myself an SEO guru.


I like to go into details. It annoys some.


I never lie to customers and I try not to lie to my loved ones.


If anyone can do something better, I will be happy to ask for their help, but as long as I can be sure that everything will be done on time.


Well, that seems to be enough - you know too much about me now -😊

Have questions?

If you want to know something more - Ask and you will be answered.